How to move your accounting practice to fixed fees [Video]

PracticeIQ webinar "Moving your accounting practice to fixed fees", recorded on October 15, 2015

Wayne Schmidt from PracticeIQ was kind enough to ask me to sit in on one of his regular webinars for accountants. In this recording I share a bit of what I learned about pricing in three years of starting up and running my own online bookkeeping firm, Cloudsourced Accounting (now part of HPC).

Also featured are panelists from two top Australian accounting firms: Tim Munro of Change Accountants and Greg Tuckwell of Poole Group. Both firms are winners of the Australian Xero "Partner of the Year" award.

Here's the blurb for the video:

There’s a lot of talk about fixed fee pricing. And even though in theory the benefits of moving to fixed fees are undisputed, the execution is a different story. Where do you start? Is there a process to follow? What are challenges you’ll face and traps to avoid?

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