Going "Beyond Compliance" on Xero Unplugged [Video]

Xero has posted the video of my TED-style talk "Beyond Compliance", given at Xerocon 2015 in Denver.

The video is online as part of Xero's series "The Emerging Role of the non-CPA", which also includes excellent presentations by Patti Scharf and Bill Sheridan.

Here's Xero's description for the series:

Imagine an accounting world without accountants. Now imagine the future. These three videos guide you through the technology and (non)-certification needed to emerge as a non-CPA leader.

In my talk, I discuss how Cloudsourced Accounting was able to grow quickly, what that means for CPA firms, and how CPAs can use this knowledge to expand their own pratices.

Watch "Beyond Compliance" now on Xero U.