RT @russfujioka: "Why you are better off reading Sports Illustrated than HBR" @asthanaprav on @LinkedIn https://t.co/Vw6nycg95M Great thoughts for #smallbiz
RT @Techmeme: Amazon shows off new Prime Air drone design, promises a whole family of them in a new video https://t.co/CEXjcZ8DgT https://t.co/IbgXHWbwYR
RT @winetrackerco: Wine headaches? Avoid high-tannin wines like Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Try Pinot Noir instead. #wine #winechat https://t.co/hmiQ2ibpTY
Just got MacBook Pro 15" w/ AMD graphics—love it, but fans blow distractingly loud when driving external displays even w/out heavy use. 😕
RT @PScharfCPA: Financial Benefits of Running a Small Business from Home - https://t.co/1DHCAUUiUB
Airbus' New Idea for Cutting Plane Boarding Times: Detachable Cabins https://t.co/MPHAvgmFnm

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