Xero updates points system for U.S. partner program


Xero is expanding a new β€œglobal points system” tested in Australia to the United States. 

Currently, U.S. Xero partners earn 1 point for each Xero Business Edition organization (org) on their billing account.

Starting November 2016, partners will earn 2 points for each Xero Business Edition org on their billing account or that they have been invited into. This means you'll no longer need to be the firm paying for the Xero org to get credit for the org as part of the Xero Partner Program.

This should please U.S. accountants and bookkeepers who prefer to have their clients pay directly for software subscriptions versus paying themselves and passing through or absorbing the cost.

The change also heads off globally a problem Xero faced in Australia, where advisors serving mutual clients sometimes battled over billing ownership of Xero orgs in order to earn points and increase their ranking in the partner program.

Advisors will also receive an extra point for Xero Payroll in Xero Premium orgs (both owned and invited-in). Xero Cashbook orgs continue to be worth 1 point and Xero Ledger files will be worth 1/10 of a point.

The new global points system will go live November 2016. 

For more, read Xero's blog post on this and other changes to the partner program.

Old Points System:

  • Xero Business Edition β€” 1 point β€” paying only

New Points System:

  • Xero Business Edition β€” 2 points β€” invited-in or paying
  • Xero Cashbook β€” 1 point β€” paying only
  • Xero Payroll in Premium plans β€” 1 point β€” invited-in or paying
  • Xero Ledger β€” .01 point β€” paying only