Video: Insights about Accounting Apps with Will Lopez on Blab

This morning I had the pleasure of joining Will Lopez of AdvisorFi for a second time on Blab is really new and the best way I can describe it is Periscope or Meerkat with multiple participants.

This time we actually had some viewers in the live audience!

Here's a list of each topic we covered with a link to that spot in the video:

  • The new Statement of Cash Flows report in Xero: 0:00
  • How to set up and consolidate multiple entities in Xero: 5:55
  • When to use Wave vs. Xero with clients: 11:05
  • Q&A: I use Mint and Freshbooks. What apps would best compliment these for accounting?: 16:59
  • Q&A: Stripe vs. Square?: 19:48
  • Q&A: Are there any accounting plugins for Google Sheets? 23:19
  • Crunch Boards vs. Fathom vs. Spotlight: 30:27

We're planning to do a live stream every Thursday at 8:30 am Pacific / 11:30 Eastern. Subscribe to my email list and I'll send out the link ahead of time. Hope to see you there!