Shoeboxed ends integration with FreshBooks

Shoeboxed announced today via email that it is no longer integrating with FreshBooks due to "an irreparable problem between the two services."  This is too bad given that no other FreshBooks add-on provides a comparable mail-in receipt scanning service in the United States. For Shoeboxed alternativest that work with FreshBooks, check out Expensify (free plans for individuals!), Receipt Bank (starting at $12.99/month), or ExpenseCloud (starting at $10/month). Here is the full text of the email from Shoeboxed:

Beginning April 19, Shoeboxed will no longer support our current integration with FreshBooks due to an irreparable problem between the two services. As you may know, the integration has not worked for several months now, and we’re going back to the drawing board to provide you with the experience you deserve.

But don’t worry -- you will still be able to export your Shoeboxed receipt data to FreshBooks! To do so, you can export a CSV file of your Shoeboxed receipt data and then import the file into FreshBooks. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our customer support team by emailing