Wolters Kluwer cloud tax products go down for almost a week after malware attack


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01:41 - Nicolas Cage Ponies Up $6.25 Million to Pay Back Taxes—But How Much Does He Still Owe? | E Online

03:14 - Wolters Kluwer takes services offline after malware attack | Journal of Accountancy

07:21 - What’s Behind the Wolters Kluwer Tax Outage? | Krebs on Security

12:20 - Read updates by Wolters Kluwer regarding the outage on their Facebook page (and comments expressing customer outrage)

17:00 - Surge of MegaCortex ransomware attacks detected | ZDNet

17:49 - A malware attack against accounting software giant Wolters Kluwer is causing a 'quiet panic' at accounting firms | CNBC

19:17 - A "Firm of the Future" finalist loses a client to QuickBooks Live | Twitter

21:52 - Vermont House Backs 'Cloud Tax' to Fund Clean Water Programs | Seven Days

27:05 - ADP and Intuit Partner to Enhance Cross-Platform Integration with QuickBooks Online | CPA Practice Advisor

31:21 - Los Angeles city attorney sues H&R Block and maker of TurboTax for allegedly misleading low-income taxpayers | NBC News

36:04 - Are all-white-male panels hindering diversity in accountancy? | AccountingWEB — Also see the original panel that started the discussion and the thread with Paul Meissner on Twitter.

37:40 - How New Accounting Grads Can Tune Up Their Diversity BS Detectors | Going Concern

42:57 - Everyone’s Income Taxes Should Be Public | New York Times

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49:16 - Don't miss the Desktop Accounting Podcast! | PodBean

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