The time has come for cloud ERP, where top US banks are betting on FinTech, America needs more accountants in Congress, and more

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An unfortunate choice of stock photography to represent cloud computing in the Nov/Dec issue of CFO Magazine

Chart from “Cloud ERP: The Time Has Come,” in the Nov/Dec issue of CFO Magazine

Cloud ERP: The Time Has Come - CFO Magazine - Low up-front costs, hands-off maintenance, and automatic updates make cloud systems deserving of a serious look

Why Blockchain May Never Benefit Corporations (Podcast) - Bloomberg - The Odd Lots podcast chats with Angus Champion de Crespigny, who formerly advised companies on how to use blockchain technology, but who now believes that ultimately it won’t get them anywhere. He explains the limitations of the technology, and where he sees actual opportunities.

Top 11 US banks by assets, ranked by fintech portfolio companies, via CB Insights

Top 11 US banks by assets, ranked by fintech portfolio companies, via CB Insights

Where Top US Banks Are Betting On Fintech - CB Insights - US banks are placing strategic bets across lending, payments, capital markets, data analytics, and blockchain.

T-Mobile is launching mobile banking solution 'T-Mobile Money’ - Engadget - The pilot program offers four percent APY on up to $3,000.

You’re Too Important for Multi-Factor Authentication - Network Alliance - Meetings, calls, contracts, emails…your day is chaotic from the first moment you check your phone in the morning until that last bedtime email scan under the sheets! You’re Captain Efficiency. Every second of your day is planned. When you’re this busy, you can’t possibly waste 10 seconds on multi-factor authentication, right? Quit dreaming.

America needs more accountants in Congress - The Hill - Lawyers make up exactly 40 percent of the newly elected 116th Congress, while the American Bar Association reports that attorneys make up only 0.4 percent of the U.S. population.

Have the Big Four lost their advantage? - Accounting Today - New research finds that national and regional firms are catching up to the New York giants in terms of technology adoption and deployment in audits.

70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week, study says - CNBC - IWG CEO Mark Dixon said established corporates were leading the charge into remote working, to boost productivity and job satisfaction.


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