It’s a bot! Live interview and demo of Gappify Alan with founder & CEO Jotham Ty


Show Notes

00:16 - Welcome to the Cloud Accounting Podcast!

01:02 - Correction: Gappify is true automation (not fake bots)

03:09 - Jotham's background in the Big Four and then SOX compliance consulting

04:06 - What is Gappify Alan and what does it do?

07:13 - How does Alan work behind the scenes?

11:00 - The value proposition of Gappify for a midsize company

13:16 - About Gappify, including their participation in the AICPA startup accelerator

16:48 - Live demo of Gappify Alan

24:07 - Who is a good fit for Gappify as a customer?

25:29 - What does Gappify cost?

26:14 - Do you find challenges with customization?

28:41 - Are you still building a bot to pass the CPA exam?

32:36 - Do you think companies will stop customizing so much?

36:16 - How to get in touch with Jotham Ty and learn about Gappify (

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