AICPA ENGAGE: Megan Lewczyk, CPA & Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA

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At the annual AICPA ENGAGE conference in Las Vegas, Blake chats with Megan Lewczyk, CPA, and Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA about value of the CPA license in a rapidly shifting professional landscape, H&R Block's acquisition of Wave Financial (the free invoicing and accounting software), QuickBooks Live & the rise of remote work in accounting, and EY's clever release of millions of dollars worth of blockchain code into the public domain.

Show Notes

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01:56 - What's the value of the CPA these days?

17:46 - H&R Block to acquire Canadian fintech startup Wave | ZDNet

21:52 - QuickBooks Live and the rise of remote work in accounting

27:46 - 3 Reasons Why EY's Free Software Release is Super Smart |

31:43 - Subscribe to Ryan's email newsletter "Future Firm"

32:16 - Megan shares what she’s up to at Yaeger CPA Review, including their new Instructor Hotline

34:41 - How to connect with Ryan and Megan on social media

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