Accounting Salon Interviews: Clint Bowers of Smart Business Concepts

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In this interview recorded in May 2019 in New Orleans, Blake and David chat with Clint Bowers, CPA and founder of Smart Business Concepts in Dallas, Texas. Before starting his own firm, Clint was a Vice President and Corporate Controller at Borden Dairy Company. Now he uses that experience to provide business owners more visibility, control and understanding of their books.

Show Notes

00:24 - About Clint's firm Smart Business Concepts

01:50 - What's your tech stack?

04:16 - On premises versus cloud for manufacturing

05:45 - What were you doing before owning your own firm?

06:20 - Do your employees work remotely?

07:35 - Clint is hiring!

08:23 - What was your big takeaway from last year's Accounting Salon?

10:53 - What is something our listeners can only learn from Clint?

11:19 - What does "advisory" mean to you?

13:31 - Follow Clint on Twitter @clintbowers25

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