My #1 takeaway (& pics) from Xerocon Austin

There’s something that keeps me coming back to Xerocon year after year...

It’s not the excellent educational sessions, or the inspirational speakers, or meeting with smart developers, or even the outstanding networking opportunities.

Plenty of other conferences have those things, too.

Xerocon has something those other conferences don’t. But I hadn't been able to put my finger on it until I heard Marcus Lemonis speak this afternoon.

What keeps me and others coming back year after year is purpose. The purpose to make the world a better place by making small businesses more successful. Not just figuring out how to make more money. (Although that’s also a nice side effect of having a meaningful purpose.)

The accounting profession is filled with too many people who are completely jaded. It’s incredibly refreshing to be surrounded for a few days by people who aren’t. People who dare to imagine that accounting can be fun and make a meaningful difference in the world.

So thank you to Xero for bringing us together!