Field Notes: #ExpensiCon Day 2


This week I'm incredibly fortunate to be attending ExpensiCon, Expensify’s first invite-only, all-expenses-paid conference — in Maui!

Here are the highlights from Day 2 (our first full day):

Keynote and Fireside Chats

The "Expense Management Landscape" in which Expensify grew, including key competitors and partners

The origin story of Expensify

With the aid of a nifty chart, David Barrett, CEO, shared the history of Expensify and how it went from being a prepaid debit card company to one of the fastest growing expense management companies in the world.

Amazingly, Expensify has come to dominate the expense reporting market while spending next to nothing on marketing or advertising.

How is this possible? Because Expensify is one of those rare, viral enterprise apps (a model that has also worked out very well for Slack). Developers, take note!

Xero and Expensify partner

Rod Drury, CEO of Xero, announced a new global strategic partnership between Expensify and Xero.

Rod Drury in conversation with David Barrett

TSheets and Expensify integrate

Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets, shared the good news that TSheets integrates with Expensify — as of this very moment! And an integration with Xero is just weeks away.

TSheets is one of the great success stories of the cloud accounting SaaS industry, having grown 100% year over year. How is that possible? Because, according to Matt, switching from paper to electronic time sheets can save a company 2-6% on payroll.

BDO selects Expensify

Deborah Defer announced a strategic partnership between BDO and Expensify. BDO will now bundle Expensify subscriptions for their accounting services clients.

Up next: Corporate travel and concierge services

Lastly, David shared what's next on Expensify's roadmap.

Expensify will integrate with Locomote to add corporate travel functionality, a top request of enterprise customers. 

David also introduced "Concierge," a new personal assistant feature built into the Expensify app.

As David made the announcement, the attendees' phones began beeping and buzzing as Concierge introduced itself via push notifications. I'm looking forward to testing this out in the coming days.

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