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Cloud Accounting Weekly #39

Aaaannnd we're back! 

Please enjoy this XL-sized issue of links from February, March, and April.

Top Stories

Deloitte Boosts Cloud Services with Acquisition

CPA Practice Advisor β€” Deloitte has acquired the assets of Day1 Solutions Inc. (Day1), a cloud consulting firm, which Deloitte says will allow it to provide clients with an advanced set of analytic and cognitive capabilities to enable their digital transformation.

GE, Siemens Vie to Reinvent Manufacturing by Harnessing the Cloud

WSJ β€” Check out this piece in the WSJ (subscription required). It sounds like the next revolution in manufacturing will be... cloud platforms! Perhaps soon fixed assets will depreciate themselves.

Cloud Accounting App or Cloud ERP? Good Choices, Hard Decision

Digital First β€” Do you need an ERP? Maybe not. Cloud accounting is making it possible to scale with small business accounting software further than ever. For example, Australian e-commerce company Kogan used Xero and Unleashed, an inventory management app, to push through *$170 million* in annual revenue. No expensive ERP required.

Artificial Intelligence

Robots Will Soon Do Your Taxes. Bye-Bye, Accounting Jobs

WIRED β€” "Between accounting professionals and truck drivers alone, about 4.5 million human jobs could be ceded to robots over the next few years."

A Robot Will Take Your Job: 8 Things Accountants (or Anybody) Can Do to Keep a Job in the Age of Automation

Thriveal CPA Network β€” Here are nine strategies to make your career robot-proof, courtesy of Greg Kyte.

Machine Learning Isn’t the End for Accountants

AccountingWEB β€” Ryan Watson argues that "accountants won’t be replaced by robots, but they will work alongside them leveraging fully-integrated suites of AI-powered SaaS applications to perform everyday tasks."

Need an Accountant? Try a Robot Instead

CFO Journal β€” "Large companies reduced by 43% the number of full-time employees in financial departments' back offices between 2004 and 2016."


Xerocon 2017 is December 6 - 7

Xerocon is going to Austin December 6-7! Register now for $249 ($150 off the regular price). Curious what it's like? Check out the photo gallery from last year's event.


How to bust fraudulent activity in Xero

Digital First β€” Here's how Chris Hooper of Accodex uses Xero to analyze and combat fraudulent activity.

3 of the best iOS apps for field service businesses

Xero Blog β€” "As Co-owner and General Manager of IGTech, a telecom service provider in Morganville, New Jersey, [Gary Shapochnic] has gained freedom by leveraging a suite of iOS apps to manage jobs, his workforce and accounting."

Map Gusto departments to Xero tracking categories

Gusto β€” Now you can assign Gusto departments to Xero tracking categories, eliminating the need to manually tag each transaction. In addition, you can simplify your Chart of Accounts by removing team-specific accounts in Xero.

FloQast Releases New Close Analytics Solution and Introduces Enhanced Internal Controls

FloQast β€” The new module helps accounting organizations uncover bottlenecks in their month-end closes and identify trends to streamline and better manage the process.

Updates to FUTRLI (formerly CrunchBoards)

FUTRLI - The dashboard and analytics app adds support for embedded video and full screen presentation mode. Also, more formatting options for text cards, and a simplified Search & Discover. And you can now export your data to Excel and retain the same beautiful formatting.


Receipt Bank Review

Accountex Report β€” Greg Lam gives a positive review to Receipt Bank, one of my favorite cloud accounting tools: "Getting around felt intuitive and user friendly β€” I didn’t have to go searching for anything. I like that while the system allows you to have fine grained control over what it does, it is always easy to make the choice β€” yet without overwhelming you with so many choices as to be confusing."

Hubdoc Review

Accountex Report β€” Greg Lam reviews Hubdoc, the killer app for fetching client documents automatically from online banking, utility accounts, Amazon, and much more.

Practice Management

How Much Strategy Is Enough?

Thriveal CPA Network β€” If you want to build a firm that "runs without you," you have to spend a significant amount of time on strategy

Tax Season Tips From Darren Root, Blake Oliver and More

Receipt Bank β€” Here are some pithy tax season tips from David Cristello, Darren Root, Kacee Johnson, and myself.

How to Introduce Efficient, Sustainable Workflows with Accounting Clients

CPA Practice Advisor β€” In my latest article, I argue that if you want to build successful and long-lasting client relationships, you should focus on improving workflows.


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