Cloud Accounting Weekly #30

Accountex USA is this week in Vegas, baby! Be sure to say hello (or buy me a drink) if you spot me there.

Also, don't miss my latest post, An Under-40 Perspective on the Future of the Accounting Profession, which appeared in CPA Practice Advisor. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Future of the Profession

An Under-40 Perspective on the Future of the Accounting Profession

Here are 5 of my key takeaways from the CPA Practice Advisor 40 Under 40 Symposium held in October in Indianapolis.

Remote Work

Microsoft Gives 70% of NYC Sales Team WeWork Access — Creator by WeWork

Microsoft is giving WeWork memberships to 2/3 of their sales force in NYC to cut down on commuting and enable salespeople to meet with more people during the day.

Industry News

IRS Forms 1099 Are Critical, And Due Early In 2017 — Forbes

ALERT: "Beginning in 2017 for 2016 payments, the IRS has moved up the filing date for Forms 1099-MISC reporting non-employee compensation in box 7. The reporting date to the IRS will now be the same as the due date for the forms to be issued to recipients, January 31." 

The good news is that if you're using online accounting software, such as Xero, you can sync with apps such as Tax1099 or Track1099 to send forms by email instead of postal mail, speeding up the process of sending out forms and getting feedback from vendors about any incorrect amounts.

Sales & Marketing

How Firms Can Improve Profitability Through Pricing, Part 2 — AccountingWEB

Rob Nixon explains why and how you should switch your accounting or bookkeeping firm to pricing jobs upfront versus hourly.

App Updates announces Connect

Don't worry, Connect isn't another user conference. It's a white labeled version of the for banks to use as their bill pay service for their customers.

Deputy upgrades Android app

Scheduling and time clock app Deputy has upgraded their Android app to bring it on par with the excellent iOS experience.

Spotlight Reporting upgrades P&L and adds Cash Flow Statement

Spotlight Reporting's latest update includes more flexible options for P&L reporting and a new Cash Flow Statement page — invaluable for monitoring cash movements on a monthly basis.

Additional customization options on the Spotlight P&L

Squarespace enables SSL/TLS for all sites

Squarespace is a great option for self-managed accountant and bookkeeper websites. I use it myself! And now it's even better because Squarespace supports SSL encryption by default, and you don't have to pay for your own certificate.

Now create Spend Money, Receive Money, and Transfer transactions from the + menu in Xero

Xero adds more shortcuts

Now you can quickly create Spend Money, Receive Money and Transfer transactions from the "+" icon in Xero.


Entryless Thriveal Tech Review: Tech Score 92/100 — Thriveal CPA Network

Ian Crook of Thriveal recommends Entryless for managing accounts payable. At $29.99 it looks like a great deal, too.

First Look at the New FreshBooks — Accountex Report

The new FreshBooks dashboard

Greg Lam takes a deep dive into the new version of FreshBooks. I'm a fan of the new interface and dashboard. I know a few Xero partners who have their clients invoice out of FreshBooks, particularly if they need to track time. The accountant or bookkeeper uses Xero to do the financial statements, and periodically journals in the sales/AR based on FreshBooks reports.

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