Cloud Accounting Weekly #28

October is nearly over, and that means we're only a few weeks away from one of my favorite accounting conferences, Accountex (formerly SleeterCon). If you're attending, let me know — it would be great to meet up!

Also, don't miss my session, Six Degrees of Xero — I'm going to attempt to do a live demo of as many integrations as I can fit into 30 minutes of some sort of coherent narrative. Hopefully nothing breaks...

And in case you missed it previously, I'm moderating a fireside chat in Seattle with a trio of top cloud accountants, sponsored by Hubdoc. Subscribe to my Facebook page to get notified of the live stream if you can't make it in person.

As always, here are the top links I clicked on this past week.

My favorite article is about the social and economic effects of self-driving trucks, which are now a reality after a self-driving truck delivered 2,000 cases of beer in Colorado. It might not seem all that relevant to accounting, but you can be sure that the general trend toward automation is going to affect all of us, especially bookkeepers and tax preparers.

Automation Nation

Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck — Medium

"The replacement of truckers is inevitable. It is not a matter of 'if,' it’s only a matter of 'when.' So the question then becomes, how long until millions of truckers are freshly unemployed and what happens to them and all the rest of us as a result?"

Upcoming Events

Hope to see you at Accountex in Las Vegas

Las Vegas — November 15-18, 2016
Are you attending Accountex USA in November? If so, don't miss my presentation, Six Degrees of Xero. I'll show you how the Xero Network Effect is bringing together clients, advisors, developers, bankers, and more. Includes a live demo of my favorite ecosystem applications working in harmony to eliminate data entry.

Also, Scott Scharf is presenting Accounting in E-Commerce on November 15. Make sure to sign up for his pre-conference session to get the most out of Accountex.

Recommended Apps

Xero Ecosystem Partner of the Month: MinuteDock

I used MinuteDock for two years while growing my online bookkeeping company, Cloudsourced Accounting. Our bookkeepers loved it, which is high praise given that tracking time is one of the least favorite things bookkeepers do as part of their jobs.

Happy Halloween

Sales Tax by State: Is Candy Taxable? — TaxJar

Nice job by the TaxJar team putting out some Halloween-themed content. It's as if Willy Wonka has lobbyists in Washington...

Just for Fun

Commercial by Gusto "Bathroom Key" 😂 — YouTube

Gusto has a new series of ads starring Kristen Schaal, who plays Mel on the HBO series Flight of the Conchords.

App Updates

Expensify and Zenefits Announce Strategic Partnership

The Zenefits-Expensify integration automatically creates Expensify accounts for all new employees in Zenefits, pulls in new and existing employee information, removes former employees, and updates approval workflows instantly from Zenefits to Expensify.

Square adds virtual terminal for credit card processing

You can now use Square's Virtual Terminal to take payments from your desktop for 3.5% + $0.15 USD per transaction, with no monthly fee

Abacus improves Slack Integration and receipt capture in iOS

Abacus has made changes to receipt capture in the Abacus iOS app, as well as updated the Slack integration for employee expensing.


Accounting Is Going Digital. Here's What You Need to Know — Abacus Podcast

Hear what the firm of 2025 will look like from accounting futurist Chris Hooper, founder of Accodex. Plus tips for accounting students

Future of the Profession

The Evolution Of Customer Service — Forbes

As automation eases compliance, customer service is what will set firms apart. Here's an excellent list of all the ways customer service will change in the near future. If you're not already doing it, get ready to start chatting with customers via messaging apps.

Sales & Marketing

I'd Really Like You to Be My CPA, but I've Already Engaged Another Firm — Accounting Today

"Try asking more and telling less. Asking great questions is the route to more engagements and one of the best ways to grow your practice and your firm’s revenues."


Cybersecurity Insurance Becoming a Must-Have — CFO

“A new survey finds 80% of companies bought a stand-alone cybersecurity policy in 2016, suggesting such plans are quickly becoming the new norm.”

For Your Clients

Experts Recommend Implementing DOL Overtime Change Over Thanksgiving — TSheets

If you’re waiting to make the important decisions about the DOL's new overtime rule until the final deadline on December 1, you’re setting yourself up for an administrative nightmare. That’s because, this year, December 1 falls on a Thursday … which means, if you plan on making changes that same day, your reclassified employees will be exempt for half of the week, and nonexempt for the second half. Good luck running payroll.

Thanks for reading! Looking to catch up on the news? Check out our previous issue, Cloud Accounting Weekly #27.