A peek inside Xero's "Open Practice Platform"

Cloud Accounting Weekly #22

Some great news out of Xero this week, including a preview of the new Xero HQ and updated U.S. partner program. Also, Greg Lam does a speed test comparison of Xero and QuickBooks Online, and Greg Kyte completes his “H&R Block Deep Undercover” trilogy. Oh, and don’t miss the Growing Your Firm podcast with Seth David. Did you know he has 2.3 million views on YouTube? That’s crazy!

What's New with Xero

Digital First — A look inside Xero HQ, Xero’s ‘Open Practice Platform

I wasn’t at Xerocon South in Brisbane, but I was able to write up this sneak peek of Xero’s new partner dashboard, Xero HQ, thanks to the miracle of live internet video. I think you’re going to like the new “Explorer,” in particular. (read)

BlakeOliver.com — Xero updates points system for U.S. partner program

Starting in November, Xero partners in the U.S. will earn points for simply being invited to an organization — no need to be the one paying for the subscription anymore. This also means two Xero advisors collaborating on a client both get credit. (read)

Industry News

San Francisco Business Times — Zenefits settles with five more states over broker licensing snafus

Good news for Zenefits, as it works to contain the damage done by employees who sold insurance products in some states without proper licensing. However, Zenefits has yet to reach deals with regulators in California and Washington state. (read)


Accountex Report — QuickBooks Online vs. Xero Speed Test

Greg Lam creates two trial accounts and does a heads-up comparison of speed while setting up and working in Xero and QuickBooks Online. (read)

The Future of Work

FiveThirtyEight — Republican-Leaning Cities Are At Greater Risk Of Job Automation

“So-called ‘routine’ jobs — those that “can be accomplished by following explicit rules” — are most at risk of automation. These include both ‘manual’ routine occupations, such as metalworkers and truck drivers, and ‘cognitive’ routine occupations, such as cashiers and customer service reps.” (read)

On the Lighter Side

Thriveal — H&R Block: The H Stands for “Inaccurate” (Deep Undercover Part 3)

I link to pretty much everything Greg Kyte writes, so might as well continue. Here’s his latest post. (read)

Tweet of The Week

Brought to you courtesy of Chris Hooper, CEO of Accodex:

Sales and Marketing

Harvard Business Review — The One Unbreakable Rule in Business Writing

Want to see actual results from all your hard work? Take the time to answer these three simple questions before you get started writing. (read)

Social Media

CoSchedule — Best Times To Post On Social Media According To 16 Studies

If you’re going to take the time to post on social media for business, it’s important to post at the right times or all your hard work will go to waste. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a handy infographic that tells you when for each social channel. (read)


Asana — Track anything (and everything) in Asana: Introducing custom fields

Now if you’re on a premium plan you can add custom fields to your Asana projects. For instance, add a field to your editorial calendar to track the status of blog posts from idea to published. (read)

Calendly — Product update: Salesforce integration

With the new Salesforce integration, you can have meetings scheduled via Calendly that trigger updates on leads, contacts, opportunities, or cases in Salesforce. Scheduling new meetings can also create Salesforce events and tasks. (read)


Growing Your Firm — How to Massively Profit on Your Expertise With Seth David

Think accounting is too boring for content marketing? The 2.3 million views on Seth David’s YouTube channel say otherwise. Learn how Seth used unusual marketing tactics, including Craigslist, to build his unique practice. (listen)

Payroll & HR

Gusto — Crash Course: Health Care Compliance for Employers

Here’s a handy guide from modern payroll processor Gusto to help employers stay compliant with all sorts of requirements, including the Affordable Care Act and HIPAA. (read)