Cloud Accounting Weekly #19

Here's a roundup of the best links I clicked on this past week. Also, I'll be in Seattle on September 6 for a Q&A at the local Talk & Swap for Accounting Technology Professionals. Stop by and I'll buy you a drink! 

Top Stories

Fox Business — From CPA to Olympic Gold Medalist: Gwen Jorgensen's Journey

Gwen Jorgensen graduated with a master's degree in accounting and worked in a cube at Ernst & Young while training for the 2012 London Olympics. Four years later she won the gold. (read)


Seattle "Talk & Swap for Accounting Technology Professionals" — Q&A with Blake Oliver, Xero Ambassador

Join me at Anthony's Pier 66 on Tuesday, September 6 at 4 pm for a free drink courtesy of Xero and a Q&A session how accountants and bookkeepers can benefit from Xero and the Xero ecosystem. (join the Meetup)


NYMag — How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the Gym

"Exercise isn’t just about helping out your health down the road, and it’s certainly not just about vanity. What you do in the gym (or on the roads, in the ocean, etc.) makes you a better, higher-performing person outside of it. The truth, cliché as it may sound, is this: When you develop physical fitness, you’re developing life fitness, too." (read)

Practice Management

Jason Blumer

Jason Blumer

Thriveal — Revamping Team Compensation in Nontraditional Firms

Jason Blumer shares how his firm has changed their team compensation model since switching to fixed pricing from hourly. Instead of paying team members hourly, Blumer & Associates pays them a percentage of client revenue. (read)

Sales & Marketing

Fast Company — If You Can Only Spare 15 Minutes A Week For LinkedIn, Do This

If you spend just 6 minutes engaging, 5 minutes spot checking, 2 minutes sharing, and 2 minutes trimming your connections, you can do a lot for your personal brand in one LinkedIn session per week. (read)



Jetpack Workflow — Automate Your Accounting Firm to 1500% Growth with Heather Pranitis

Heather Prantis runs Number Nerd Bookkeeping Solutions. In this podcast episode, she shares her tips for automating your accounting firm processes, especially when it comes to managing leads. (listen)


Jeff Maddux, CPA — Ready To Change Up Your Boring Accounting Job?

Here's a great roundup of articles by Jeff Maddux for accountants looking for alternatives to their boring number cruncher jobs. (read)


IRS - Sharing Economy Tax Center

The IRS has put together a resource page for sharing economy taxpayers, such as those who rent out rooms on Airbnb or drive for Uber. (read)

Software Updates

Asana — Let’s take this offline… with iOS! — The Asana iOS app now supports most major workflows in offline mode, meaning you can work in Asana without internet access.

The Harvest timesheet window now attaches to the menu bar on Mac.

Harvest — Introducing Harvest for Mac 2.0 — The new version of Harvest for Mac includes a new Timsheet window, better Timestamps support, a Weekly Summary Bar, support for the Harvest ID authentication system, a new Time Summary, and various other improvements.

Receipt Bank — New Feature: Combine The Best Cloud Accounting Software with Additional Integration —Now you can choose among multiple destinations for client receipts, credit notes, and invoices once they're processed in Receipt Bank. For example, you can send unpaid vendor invoices to, but send paid receipts directly to Xero.

Here's what the new Xero report center looks like.

Xero — Find information faster in the new Xero report center — Xero has consolidated the "New Reports" with the old ones in the All Reports screen. You can now search reports as well as directly export, publish, and delete from the report center.