Cloud Accounting Weekly #16

Here's a roundup of the best links I clicked on this past week. I've also got two items of my own for you:

Read these stories, and more, below.

Top Stories

For my first post on Accountex Report, I profiled FloQast, a cloud-based β€œclose management solution” for internal accounting departments. It's also representative of a trend toward a cloud accounting "ecosystem" that started in the small business market and is now expanding into the mid-market. (read)

VentureBeat β€” Personal finance bot Trim says it’s saved users $6 million β€” and counting

Trim is a "chatbot" designed to identify and help users rid themselves of unwanted subscriptions. Eventually, the team wants Trim to handle all aspects of your personal finances. (read)


Thriveal β€” Karbon Thriveal Tech Review

Karbon, an innovative practice management solution for accountants and bookkeepers, gets a stellar review from Thriveal's Ian Crook. (read)

Common area in the new WeWork "Valley Towers" in downtown San Jose

WeWork's new location in the Valley Towers in San Jose brings 75,000 square feet of coworking space to the region. (read)

Just for Fun

Entrepreneur β€” Nike Just Validated What I Already Knew: Golf Sucks

We've been reading for a while now about how Millennials just aren't all that into golf. It turns out, neither is Gene Marks! (read)

Sales & Marketing

Xero β€” Introducing light-touch accounting advisory services

Everyone is talking about adding advisory services, but that's not always so easy to do in practice. Check out this excellent guide from Xero with suggestions for getting started. (read)


BizInk Podcast β€” The Uber of Accounting

Matt Wilkinson and I start off talking about why there won't be an "Uber of Accounting", but quickly get sidetracked into a wide ranging discussion on the future of the accounting industry. (listen)

Practice Management

Karbon β€” How to manage a remote team of accountants

There are big benefits to removing location as a hiring criteria, but managing a remote team can be challenging. Here are 5 tips with specific recommendations for effectively running a team without an office. (read)

Software Updates

  • Harvest β€” Schedule partial time off in Forecast β€” Previously, you could only mark full days off for team members in Forecast, Harvest's project budgeting tool. Now you can record future time off in terms of hours.
  • LastPass β€” Push notifications for two-factor expanded to other apps β€” Now instead of entering 6-digit codes to log into apps with 2-factor authentication, you can get push notifications and approve a login with a tap.
  • Square β€” Same day deposits β€” For an additional 1% fee, you can now have your daily sales deposited in your bank account the same day.

That's it. Have a great week!