Cloud Accounting Weekly #14

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Top Stories

Marketplace β€” A new idea for New York restaurants

Coworking is rapidly gaining in popularity among mobile professionals who don't want the overhead of a traditional office. In this story, Marketplace profiles Spacious, a start-up in New York City that turns dinner-only restaurants into shared workspaces during the day. (read or listen)

Huffington Post β€” I’m a startup founder who is about to become a dad. Here’s why I’m taking two months of paternity leave.

Tomer London, a co-founder of Gusto, shares why he's taking off 2 months from his payroll startup for paternity leave. (It's not just because he's the boss.) (read)

Accounting Today β€” A perfect storm for CAS

Accounting Today covers the recent explosive growth in Client Accounting Services (CAS) driven by cloud technology with this in-depth piece on trends in the industry. (download PDF)

This Is Horrible

Going Concern β€” Here are a bunch of horrible big 4 anthems for your listening pleasure

As a service to the community, Chris Hooper has compiled all the unofficial Big 4 accounting anthems he could find on YouTube into one awful collection. Enjoy! (read)

Sales & Marketing

ProBlogger β€” Why LinkedIn is the only social media I use

This blogger points out that when you have limited time, it's best to focus on one thing you can do well. Here's why he focuses on LinkedIn versus trying to do it all. (read)


Abacus β€” It's OK to try something strange

Bob the CPA interviews Caleb Newquist, who went from public accounting to editing one of the largest accounting industry news sites on the internet. (listen)

Practice Management

Hubstaff β€” How to manage remote teams: We uncover the system that lets us grow 10% each month

Co-founder of time-tracking app Hubstaff, David Nevogt, shares his management system for running a fully remote company. Hubstaff makes software, not a service, but all of these points are relevant to professional service businesses as well, especially those built around fixed fee models. (read)

Software Updates

Expensify (expense reports) β€” Price to Beat β€” Here's a great example of how accounting software can go beyond historical reporting and start to really add to the bottom line. Expensify's new optional "Price to Beat" feature incentivizes employees to save on behalf of the company by giving them a financial reward when they book travel below market price. That's a win-win! 

Expensify's new "Price to Beat" feature incentivizes employees to save on travel bookings.

QuickBooks Online (accounting package)

  • Enhanced Attachments β€” Now you can add attachments to list names, such as Customers and Vendors.
  • Company Templates β€” For years, ProAdvisors have been able to reuse Chart of Accounts and Items lists from existing QuickBooks desktop files. Now they can do it in QuickBooks Online, too.

Spotlight Reporting (reports & dashboards) β€”

  • New Industry Templates β€” Three new industry templates available from Spotlight take the effort out of creating tailored reports for SaaS, professional services, and retail clients.
  • Add Your Own Content Into Your Spotlight Report β€” Now you can insert content from other sources into your Spotlight report without having to use a PDF editor. You can add a PDF, PNG, or JPEG image.

A sample page from the new Spotlight template for professional services business

Square (payments) β€” Recurring Payments β€” Now you can use Square Invoices to set up recurring payments for every month, week, day, or even year.

The Xero App Marketplace makes it easy to find apps by function and business type.

The Xero App Marketplace makes it easy to find apps by function and business type.

Xero (accounting package) β€” Upgraded App Marketplace β€” Xero has released a new App Marketplace to make it easier for you to find any of the 500+ apps that integrate with Xero.