Cloud Accounting Weekly #10

Here's a roundup of the best links I clicked on this past week.  Do you have an item that would be a great fit for a future update? Click here to suggest a link.

Industry News

Slack: Abacus + Slack = 😍

Slack released a new feature called Message Buttons, which allows users to act on notifications directly in Slack. Abacus is one of the first integrated apps to put these Message Buttons to use. (read)

Here's an example of the Abacus notification in Slack with the Approve and Deny buttons embedded in the notification.

FloQast: Honored As Fastest Growing Tech Company

FloQast recently won a "Silver Stevie" award at the 14th Annual American Business Awards. If you haven't heard of FloQast, you should check it out. It's a cloud-based β€œclose management solution” for internal accounting departments. (read)

QuickBooks: What's up in QuickBooks apps

For the month of June, the QuickBooks Blog featured InvoiceSherpa, an add-on that automates both accounts receivable and accounts payable. (read)

There's also a new batch of QBO apps:

  • ShipGear Shipping Software β€” "Connect UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, or USPS Endicia Pro to QuickBooks to share data across your business."
  • VetBadger β€” "Practice better medicine, unlock the full potential of your team, and engage more fully with your clients."
  • CFOapp β€” "Stay informed and increase business productivity with your own financial assistant, through an integration with QuickBooks."
  • SmartSoft Invoices β€” "Save time by automatically posting bills to your QuickBooks account. Simply upload the bills you receive from your vendors and the system extracts the data and posts the bills to QuickBooks."

Xero is disabling FreshBooks integration by September 1

The native Xero integration with FreshBooks will not be available after September 1.

The native Xero integration with FreshBooks will not be available after September 1.

According to an email this month from Xero, they are disabling the integration between Xero and FreshBooks on September 1, 2016. As alternatives, Xero recommends:

  • Xero: Switch clients 100% to Xero for invoicing.
  • OneSaaS: Use OneSaaS to import FreshBooks contacts, invoices, and payments into Xero. You can also export invoices and products created in Xero back into FreshBooks. (Try OneSaaS for free)
  • Workato: Use Workato to sync FreshBooks contacts, invoices, and payments into Xero, and optionally sync contacts, invoices, items and payments from Xero back into FreshBooks. You can also build customized workflows. (Try Workato free for 30 days)


BizInk: The Forgotten P of Marketing

Don't miss this last webinar in Bizink's Month of Marketing series. Steve Major of Pricing Power hosts this online workshop focusing on Price, the forgotten "P" of marketing. (learn more)

Date & Time:

Wednesday 29nd June, AEST: 08.00am | NZ: 10:00 am

Tuesday 28th June, PDT: 3pm | EDT: 4pm | UK & Ireland: 11pm

Xero: Xerocon San Francisco

Heard about Xerocon? Sitting on the fence about whether or not to go? Check out this 3-minute video from Xero Americas President Russ Fujioka for what Xerocon is and why you should consider attending. (watch)

Just for Fun

Ed's Blog: Ed Kless is Wrong

Ed Kless courageously reposted this scathing letter on his blog from Greg Kyte, self-proclaimed "Defender of the Timesheet and Champion of the Dissenters." (read)


Planet Money: Open Office

If you have a desk job in America, you probably don't have your own office. Instead, you work in a big, open room with lots of (often noisy and distracting) coworkers. But it wasn't always this way. In this episode, Planet Money investigates the backstory of the open office. (listen)


MacRumors: Bank of America Starts Offering ATM Withdrawals Using Apple Pay

Bank of America has started allowing customers to withdraw cash from its ATMs using Apple Pay in select markets. (read)


The Profitable Firm: How your personal involvement in social media helps your accountancy firm

Karen Reyburn explains why accounting firm partners need to do more than simply delegate responsibility for social media. (read)

Practice Management

Receipt Bank: Receipt Bank's Productivity Manifesto

Check out this detailed guide, written by Receipt Bank Co-Founder Alexis Prenn. Using specific metrics and pricing examples, Alexis explains how you can make bookkeeping a very profitable business for your firm. (read)

Groove: The Most Common Questions About Building a Remote Team (Answered)

Alex Turnbull shares answers to questions, including:

  • Where do you hire remote workers?
  • How do you interview remote job candidates?
  • How do you measure remote employee performance? 
  • How do you build culture as a remote team?



Xero: Developer TV Episode 4

Even if you're not a developer, this episode of Xero Developer TV is worth a watch. It's pretty entertaining. If you're a developer, learn why you might want to be part of the Xero add-on ecosystem.

Software Updates